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Musical Dilemma!

Well, since my hand accident. I have struggled to make certain cord patterns on my guitar. I am limited because my first 3 fingers on my left hand will not bend all the way in to make a tight fist. Imagine holding a baseball in your hand and trying to close your hand up to make a fist and thats where I‘m at.

So, how you ask do I create music?

Well, I use a music program called Band In A Box and I use my iPhones Garage Band plug in guitar app. With those two pieces I can pretty much create about any idea I can think of. It’s not the best for using to sell your newly created demos. But it get your ideas down. You will still want to get live players to create the final product and go through the studio process as it will make for a higher quality recording.

I still take my work to Nashville and have it done by some awesome guys at Jay’s Place.

They do all kinds of styles and genres.

Well, that’s all I got today. If you have questions or want to know how you can create music if you don’t play an instrument, drop me a line below. Talk Soon!

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