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True Country

I just released my CRAZY music video. What a great response it has gotten so far.

If you haven't had the chance to catch it, here is the link to my channel so you can check it out,

If your like most married couples that have kids, anytime you can get alone is quality time, Right?

Well this video takes the couple to that place and reminds them why they fell in love with each other.

It's good to rekindle and have a date night with our spouse and this video reminds us that we just need to think about all the reasons we fall in love with the person we are with.

This is a TRUE steel guitar country song that I enjoyed writing, and the music from some of the greatest musicians.

everyone says Country music is gone, but if you search a streaming site, you can find LOTS of country music out there.

It's still being created, just not played on radio stations. I have took so much music to country radio for them to say, It's TOO COUNTRY! What the HELL ! Did I miss the sign that said by the way ARTIST "We are not a COUNTRY radio station!" Oh! your a POP radio or Bro Country Radio maybe a Hick-Hop Radio Station. LMBO!!

Anyway I could go for days! Radio stations want to play it, but its still has its limits to outsiders.

Thank goodness for streaming outlets and the people who listen in that field.

Lots of doors have opened and if your an artist in today's music business, we have many outlets at our finger tips.

Ranted about

that, So on to the next piece of business.


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