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Where to find song idea's

Song ideas for me come from reading an article or from a conversation with someone even a comedy skit. I find a tune in my head starts to form then I start to put words to the tune I am thinking of. Finding someone else to write with will also allow you to be creative and bounce ideas off each other as well. I find that sometimes I get writers block and just can't find a way out of a corner and a song will sit for days or months before pulling it back out. But then I take my ideas to someone else even though they will become a connection with the writing as a co-writer I find it very helpful to break out of the shell and complete the work and get on to the next idea. The internet is loaded with ideas to find lines to add to a song if you get stuck. Everyone has been asking me to do some Haggard and other Rockabilly music and I am happy to say I am currently writing with some great writers and working on some cool stuff. If you are a writer and looking to write bounce ideas or just want to know more on the topic, feel free to hit me up and I will do my best to help you or point you in the right direction.

I started writing music or learning to write when I was 9 years old. I started getting these rhythms and lyrics in my head but had no idea how to construct a song. There is many ways to construct a song and I wanted to know more. So, I would go to the school library and read books on song writing. My first song I wrote was a song about my Dad called TRUST IN ME on my self titled cover CD of some of my favorite singers. As I wrote more music I wanted to get better and that would come later when I met Marc Alan from Nashville and he really gave me some insight to writing great songs and using good content. I'm still not perfect but if I can touch someone with my songs, then it was worth putting the pen to paper.

If your a song writer share your struggles and solutions. If there is no one here that can get the answers, I'm sure we can point you to right place that can help.

Happy Song Writing!

- Randy Allen

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