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Hello and Welcome! 

I've made this a pretty straight forward website to cut to the chase!

I'm a Singer/Songwriter. What kind of music you ask? As if the look don't give me a way.. LOL 

My genre is Country/Neo-traditional Country. I'm your average person, I like all kinds of music and I prefer to sing country. I just have that Twang that just don't do much for any other style.

Here you will find ALL my latest releases available on CD Baby for sale. If your the Streamer - you can find my music on Spotify~Pandora~Jango~Napster (aka Rhapsody) and most any other streaming apps.

 This site is for the purpose of Selling my music and giving possible clients a look into my music and hope they Hire me for a GIG! Other than that it just floats around the web looking for potential people who want to become a frequent listener and fan! If this fits you Please join my mailing list below for all the latest and greatest music and even a FreeBee now and then. I care about your privacy and will never use your info for any other purpose except to send you info about my music, offers and new music I am creating for you. 

Visit and join my social links above as well! 

So, Lets get on with it!

Thanks again for stopping by: Randy Allen

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Behind The Music

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Randy Allen, I'll be taking you through my journey into the music.

Born November 25, 1966 with the name Randall Wayne Cooke to Robert and Martha Cooke.

At a young age I found myself listening to the radio and the first song I ever connected with was George Jones " He Stopped Loving Her Today ". It was a dark time at the age of 6 and the youngest of three other siblings. My parents were going through tough times and divorce.

So, I could relate to George & Tammy's "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" and I found myself singing these words and they just made me think because of what I was experiencing seeing this happening to my Mom and Dad.

Listening to Hank, Loretta, Dolly, Tammy, Merle, Waylon, I new I wanted to sing songs and tell the stories of how I was feeling.

It wasn't till years later I would try and persue my dreams to become a singer/songwriter. At the age of 22, I wrote my first song. My dad didn't like the idea of me chasing this dream. He use to pick and play over at Aurthur Smiths Studio and even played out and told me it was no life that I should find a job that came with a paycheck.

So, I wrote this song called "Trust In Me -Daddy" recorded by my good friend Dick McVey a producer I met in Nashville Tn. He told me things about the music business and also told me I should visit one of his dear friends Judy Rodman.

He gave me the tools and info that would take me on an amazing journey. I went back to NC with the track I recorded and worked with the vocals. Still green and not having the skills needed, I went to Judy Rodman who would get me on the path to vocal performance.

1996 I formed my first cover band Heartland Express. I learned quick that it was much tougher working with a band and the pay wasn't great. After a couple years together, we decided we had different ideas and paths and went our separate ways.

I took a job driving Long haul with a friend out to California. When we'd layover I would find a club to go sing at. I found myself entertaining for hours as long as they'd let me sing. I heard of a contest happening in Seymour Tn at Big Mama's for a recording deal. So I got back home and put together my best 3 songs. Two covers and Original song I wrote. Two months later I received a letter stating I was one of the winners who won a 10 song recording package. All I was obligated to pay for was copies of the CD after we recorded the tracks.

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