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Note: Randy is NOT taking Bookings at this time. Please check back often for updated info, Thanks Randy Allen

My doctor tells me I should start slowing it down - but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors so let's all have another round.

- Willie Nelson


Keepin' It Country

Is my latest project of 2018.

I spent the latter part of 2016 writing and recording the tracks for this 6 song EP and dealt with some health issues in the process.

I was fortunate to complete the tracks with "Mark Mosley" one of Nashville prominent Producers who tracked "Saturday Backroad" one of the first songs recorded. Then we finished up at Jay's Place for the final recordings. Such an amazing time in the studio with these guys.

Keepin' It Country COVER.png

I wanted to stay with my traditional style but I also added some Neo-Traditional as well. I ran across a song "ALONE IN MEMPHIS".  When I heard the hook, I could relate to being a musician living on the road and missing the ones you love. We took this song and gave it a slow twist in the beginning and then upped the tempo to a nice groove.

Then I wrote "TELL ME" while traveling on the road. This song tells the story of a guy who lives out on the road and is looking for Love while doing his job. "CRAZY" was the next track recorded. Thinking about the Patsy Cline song this song tells of a couple with kids. They finally get some time alone and he wants to remind her how he feels about her. 

Then there's "YOU BE THE JUDGE" kinda like the George Strait song "All My Ex's"

and "CAN'T THINK OF ONE" where the guy can't think of any reason not to change his plans and take a chance on love.


Keepin' It Country EP

2. ALONE IN MEMPHIS - Randy Allen
3. CRAZY - Randy Allen

Official Video Release

2014 Tawba Fest Concert

About Booking

Talent Buyers & Booking Agents:

Randy Allen is a Solo Artist/Performer. When you book Randy Allen we use only the finest seasoned musicians to back him. He can accommodate an acoustic set as well.  His music list is Covers mixed with Originals.

If your looking for a High Energy show or take it down to an intimate acoustic level Randy's got you covered.

Randy has 20+ years performing for live crowds and venues. Randy is excited to work with any venue that wants to have him on there stage.


Bookings & Other Inquiries

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